2020 Tolls for Heavy Goods Vehicles for the Fréjus Tunnel

This road crossing, which connects Savoie on the French side of the Alps to Piedmont on the Italian side, is a quick and convenient way for heavy goods vehicles to reach Italy without disrupting traffic. Discover the price of crossing the Fréjus Tunnel for heavy goods vehicles, as well as the Easytrip Transport Services solution that allows hauliers to save money when crossing the Alps.

The Fréjus Tunnel: A Crossing from France to Italy

In operation since 1980, this cross-border tunnel connects Modane to Bardonecchia. On the French side, it is connected to the Maurienne motorway (A43) from the cities of Chambéry, Grenoble and, even further afield, Lyon. This 12,895 m tunnel leads to Italy where it is connected to the A32, giving access to the city of Turin. To take this route, you must pay a toll that varies according to the vehicle category, euro standards and the type of transport. To get your bearings, you can check the prices in force for 2020.

What Is the Price for Heavy Goods Vehicles over 3.5 T?

To reach Italy from Savoie, the toll costs 168.20 euros for a one-way ticket. This price applies to two-axle vehicles with a height of more than 3 m. Such vehicles would pay 261.80 euros for a return trip. For larger vehicles (more than 3.5 T) with three axles which are over 3 m high, the price of this one-way crossing is 338.00 euros. For a return crossing, the ticket price is 530.90 euros. Nevertheless, there are solutions to find better deals.

Cross the Fréjus Tunnel with Easytrip Transport Services

With Easytrip Transport Services solutions, category 3 or 4 vehicles (vehicles with two to three axles or more) can benefit from far more attractive fees than the conventional price. A one-way ticket via the Fréjus tunnel is worth 50% of the return trip price, giving you a 25% discount if you make this one-way crossing. What’s more, Easytrip Transport Services gives your transport company an end-of-year discount equivalent to a percentage of the total amount spent on tolls throughout the year! Easytrip offers a personalised service and makes it easier to book your crossings by providing you with access cards. The Fréjus and Mont Blanc cards are valid for both tunnels and can be delivered to a place convenient for you. Finally, with Easytrip Transport Services you can benefit from a customer portal where your transactions and invoices are available in real time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with a hotline available 7 days a week and order confirmations via SMS.

Using Easytrip Transport Services makes crossing the Fréjus Tunnel easy while saving you money. Are you a road haulier who regularly takes the Alpine tunnels? Don’t hesitate to check out the options available at Easytrip Transport Services : https://bit.ly/3cWrgsG

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