How to Reclaim Fuel Tax for HGVs in Europe

Want to limit your expenses ? You may be able to claim a tax refund.

What is reclaimable tax ? When a company pays tax, it can claim a certain amount back. There are several types of reclaimable tax, including fuel tax for trips within the European Union.

Want to get your fuel tax in Europe back ? Follow this guide !

Businesses in the EU: Conditions to Meet

In order to claim a tax refund on your fuel costs, you must meet three conditions. Firstly, your head office must be situated in a European Union country where companies pay tax. Secondly, the country where the commercial partner company is headquartered, and where the tax refund is claimed, must be different from that of your company. Finally, you must not have delivered goods or made taxable benefits in the country in which the refund claim is made.

How to Justify Your Fuel Costs

The law requires you to meet formal conditions. To justify your expenses and claim a refund on fuel tax, you are required by law to provide invoices containing a number of mandatory information, such as the date of issue, invoice number and individual VAT identification number.

How to Claim a Tax Refund

To claim your refund, you must submit your application to the tax service by 30 September of the following year. The claim is made through the portal provided by the State in which the refund is made.

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