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2020 Heavy Goods Vehicle Tolls for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Mont Blanc tunnel is a vital artery between France and Italy for road hauliers. Find out about the toll prices, and how this crossing can be made by choosing the right solution at a very affordable rate with...
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2020 Tolls for Heavy Goods Vehicles for the Fréjus Tunnel

This road crossing, which connects Savoie on the French side of the Alps to Piedmont on the Italian side, is a quick and convenient way for heavy goods vehicles to reach Italy without disrupting traffic. Discover the price of...
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Easytrip Transport Services: The optimal solution for Heavy goods vehicles passing through European toll networks

Driving around Europe is not always so easy when driving a heavy goods vehicle. In fact, every country has its own toll system, which is very restrictive for this type of vehicle. Under these conditions, it’s difficult to find...
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