Easytrip Transport Services: The optimal solution for Heavy goods vehicles passing through European toll networks

Driving around Europe is not always so easy when driving a heavy goods vehicle. In fact, every country has its own toll system, which is very restrictive for this type of vehicle. Under these conditions, it’s difficult to find one single service for electronic payment of tolls throughout Europe, and thus reducing the workload, cost and waiting times for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers & Transport Companies. However, whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager, there are solutions for facilitating your travels throughout major European routes.

Harmonisation of technologies and interfaces: a European initiative

Almost all European countries have their own toll systems. Directive 2004/52/EC, Decision 2009/750/EC and the new Directive (EU) 2019/520 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2019 on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems and facilitating cross-border exchange of information on the failure to pay road fees in the Union, aim to respond to this situation by facilitating passage through toll networks and thus motorway journeys between EU countries.

The technical constraints, notable differences between technologies utilised, as well as contractual issues, are however, still significant for deployment throughout the whole of Europe. Indeed, as shown on the map below, European countries have set up different road tolls for truck systems. Most European countries, marked in blue on the map, require vehicles to be equipped with an OBU (On Board Unit) which calculates tax per kilometre, based on various criteria: size, weight, number of axles, distance travelled, and the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. In addition, depending on the country, this regulation is implemented differently, via an eco-tax or a sticker; countries with such systems are marked in green on the map. Albania, Greece, Ireland, Macedonia, and Serbia use standard toll booth systems. Certain countries, such as Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden, use the Eurovignette, a simple sticker that allows for travel throughout several countries. In Finland, Bosnia and Montenegro tolls are free. In addition, several major European tunnels have their own tolls: this is the case for the Liefkenshoek tunnel, the Mont Blanc tunnel, the Fréjus road tunnel, the Kiltunnel tunnel and the Westerschedlet tunnel. Thus, faced with this myriad of systems, it’s easy to understand the difficulties encountered by Heavy Goods vehicles moving throughout Europe and the desire of European bodies for harmonisation.

Easytrip Transport Services: a tailormade solution for Heavy Goods Vehicles traveling throughout Europe

Providing an optimal and consistent driving experience for drivers is the goal of every road service provider. That’s why Easytrip Transport Services, provides a wide range of services for Heavy Good Vehicles for European toll roads. Thanks to its different services, Easytrip Transport Services allows any transport company to optimise journeys in terms of time, logistics and costs. Easytrip Transport Services aims to have the widest toll domain coverage in Europe, be it in EU countries or non-EU countries.

Flexible and made-to-measure, the solutions of Easytrip Transport Services are designed to adapt to the situation and needs of each fleet manager, driver or transport company, with the aim of optimising costs and profitability. Thus, according to your needs, you can benefit from a variety of offers and devices in order to facilitate the circulation of your Heavy goods vehicles across Europe.

To contribute towards maximum cost reduction in terms of the use of HGVs and the transport of goods, Easytrip Transport Services guarantees recovery of VAT in 30 countries (EU and non-EU), as well as certain excise taxes. And you can also benefit from various fuel services and booking services (ferries, trains, tunnels).

Easytrip Transport Services also saves you money on logistics, by ensuring better control over your expenses, via a single set of invoices and an online customer space. By optimising the management of your vehicles, you save time and reduce the costs associated with logistics organisation.

Finally, Easytrip Transport Services cooperates with EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) certified suppliers and also with local providers, so as to provide the widest toll domain coverage and  guarantee optimal tailor-made service quality according to clients needs. Covering over 120,000 km of major European routes, Easytrip Transport Services is thus able to offer maximum discounts and benefits on partner motorway networks.

Interoperable SAT Box by Easytrip Transport Services: an optimal onboard unit for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Easytrip Transport Services offers a unique onboard unit, providing total interoperability between the various European motorway partner networks. Thanks to the Interoperable SAT Box by Easytrip Transport Services, you no longer need to change your on-board unit to modify the recording parameters for traffic data.

The onboard unit has OTA (Over The Air) functionality, which we configure remotely for new countries, wherever you are. It is interchangeable between vehicles, and updating of license plates and vehicle data can also be carried out remotely. A fleet tracking and management system has also been added, saving you time and reducing your logistics costs. Please note that you will not be charged for adding a new country to the unit, and that the onboard unit gives you access to all Easytrip Transport Services discounts on transactions.

The Interoperable SAT Box by Easytrip Transport Services is available for European toll networks in the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland (the A4 motorway, Katowice-Krakow section), Austria, Belgium (and the Liefkenshoek tunnel), Denmark, Sweden , Norway, Germany, and soon Hungary and Slovenia.

Easytrip Transport Services can provide a simple and tailor-made solution for any driver, fleet manager or transport company whose trucks drive on European highways. Their great flexibility allows them to adapt to each situation and meet all the needs of users, facilitating logistics and reducing costs relating to vehicle operation.

For more information about the Interoperable SAT Box by Easytrip Transport Services: https://blog.easytrip.eu/landing-page-satbox-en/